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Techincal Assistance
From furnace to gas log fires, Dormont has reliable, safe gas connectivity for home heating and utility needs.

Heating & Hearth

Safety, reliability and attractiveness: Dormont focuses on the unique needs of your home. Central heating is rarely optional—and Dormont connectors should not be optional, either.  Connect your furnace with our line of high-quality, safe, and long-lasting gas ball valves and stainless steel gas appliance connectors, which have dominated the industry for decades.

Safe and reliable are important qualities, but they don’t have to mean unattractive. Decorative gas fires should be enhanced with tasteful connectors and fittings like those available from Dormont, which combine safety and durable flexibility with understated styling that won’t distract from your cozy fire.

Dormont Products Support:

  • Furnace & Appliance 
  • Propane & HVAC 
  • High-BTU Gas Hearth 
  • Gas Dryer 
  • Manufactured Home