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Products - Foodservice Gas Fittings

Series Foodservice Fittings

Fittings are utilized in support of the installation of gas connectors from the gas supply line to the back of the appliance


Order # Model # Description
0243769 075C 3/4 IN NPS Threaded Coupler, Female x Female

This 3/4 inch NPS threaded coupler is used for applications involving air, water, oil, natural gas propane and steam. This coupler has 3/4 inch FIP by 3/4 inch FIP threaded end connections.

0240241 12AO4 Rv Vent Limiting Device

This vent limiting device is designed for use with gas regulators that are installed to indoor applications or in spaces where it would be critical to limit the amount of gas escapement due to diaphragm failure. This device allows air to be drawn in and pushed out of the regulator as the diaphragm cycles, due to outlet pressure changes. In the event of a diaphragm failure, the vent limiter restricts the leakage of gas to a low level.

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