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Products - Safety Quik® Disconnect Valve

Series CF

This Quick-Disconnect Valve combination is designed specifically for the food service industry, meeting the safety and operational needs of commercial kitchens, doing the work of both a quick-disconnect and a valve.  With Safety Quik®, the gas connector cannot be disconnected until the gas valve is shut off, and cannot be opened until the gas connector is attached.


Order # Model # Description
0241588 CF-50 1/2 IN Gas Quick-Disconnect, Valve Combination

This 1/2 inch quick-disconnect and ball valve combination is used with gas cooking equipment in commercial kitchens. This quick-disconnect contains a thermal shutoff feature which is a polymer ring located inside the nipple that will melt and close the gas supply valve if the temperature rises above 350 degrees F. This product also is designed with a safety feature that prevents the gas valve from being opened if the quick-disconnect nipple is not connected and likewise, the nipple cannot be disconnected if the gas valve is open.

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